Legal Bases Draw Christmas Basket tell me that you love me









Organizing company

    Tell me what you love me, Slu domiciled in the San Máximo Street 31 - Plant 4 - Ship 10, CP 28041, Madrid, Spain CIF B87562716.




    The start date of the contest will be given December 7, 2022 and will end December 13, 2022.

    The winner will communicate through a comment in the same post of the raffle December 14, 2022. Will be contacted via Instagram direct message through the official account @dimeqmquieres.




    All those natural persons, of legal age, who meet the following requirements may participate in the contest:

    • Be followers of the official account @Dimeqmieres.

    • Give ‘I like’ to the draw post.

    • Mention a friend in the comments of the post of the raffle.

    As a general rule, several participations per person are admitted, as long as the participant names different user profiles. They are not accepted or valid false profiles or public characters.

    Participation implies acceptance of these bases. Any person who is not in accordance with these bases must communicate their resignation. In this case of non -acceptance of the totality or part implies the exclusion of the participant and as a consequence, Tell me what you love me, Slu It will be exonerated from the fulfillment of the obligation contracted with the participant.




    The prize consists of a basket with products tell me that you love me:

    - Two travel jewels
    - jewelry bowl
    - Tote to the moon and back
    - Home Amboator
    - Vale € 130 in DQMQ jewels
    - Wall jeweler
    - Suede
    - Christmas Packaging and Plantable Ball



    Winner selection

      Once the participation period is finished, on December 14 a raffle will be made that will determine the winner through a random selection computer tool: WASK. The winner will communicate in the post of the draw of the day December 7, 2022 and will be contacted via Instagram direct message through the official account @dimeqmquieres.

      Subsequently, once the winner was communicated, Tell me what you love me, Slu You will request the same, via direct message, your personal data, which comprise: full name, surname, DNI, postal address, telephone, email and date of birth.

      If the winner renounces or has not met the requirements of the established legal bases, Tell me what you love me, Slu You can determine a new winner or not to award the prize. The winners accept that their name or identification fact in the action and, where appropriate, their image, are published in the appropriate means of Tell me what you love me, Slu with the intention of communicating the winners and the award ceremony. The winner has a period of 48 hours since the organizing company contact you to request the data to make the award delivery valid. In case of not being located or its non -acceptance, the prize will be disabled for said winner.



      Award delivery

        The Christmas basket with products Tell me what you love me, Slu It will be delivered to the winner's home, having previously agreed an approximate date and time with the team of Tell me what you love me, Slu.



        Acceptance of the bases and responsibility

          Participation in actions carried out by Tell me what you love me, Slu They involve the total acceptance of the particular conditions of each contest or raffle, as well as the general bases. Tell me what you love me, Slu It reserves the right to cancel the promotion for justified reasons, as well as modify these bases or those of promotional action or give the desert prize. In the event that this last cause happened, it will be duly informed of the participants in the same medium in which the participation has been carried out. It also reserves the right to exclude those participants who act abusive or fraudulently and all those participants who violate the norms established in the bases or whose behavior affects the normal development of promotional action.


          Any incidence that may arise and is not contemplated in these bases will be resolved by Tell me what you love me, Slu. The company is exculpated in case of not being able to locate the winner for reasons not attributable to the company. The winner also exempts the company from the responsibility of any damage that could arise from the use of the award awarded.