About us


tell me you Love Me is a Artisanal jewelry brand Made in Spain created in 2012 by Eva Verdeal. Fashion designer and mother of 3 children, Eva comes from a family of entrepreneurs dedicated to the world of fashion, which leads him to study fashion design between London and Madrid. His knowledge of the sector, his concern for the world of entrepreneurship, together with the search for a new work course after being a mother, which would allow him to prosper and mark new goals, result in the birth of tell me that you love me.

In full digitalization, Eva begins her career betting on electronic commerce and creates a customizable jewelry store. Later, he also begins to incorporate his own designs, inspired by nature, art, vintage ... so born tell me that you love me, a brand that gives off Romanticism, femininity and exclusivity, but also present, without losing sight of the latest trends.

Today is telling me that you love me is much more than a jewelry brand; It is built on a series of values that make it a different brand, with their own personality. The option of personalization, the production in Spain, the quality of the product, the care in detail and the Excellence in purchase experience From beginning to end are its main differential values.


Dime que me quieres SLU, cuenta con el apoyo de Fomento de Empleo y la Comunidad de Madrid, así como con la cofinanciación del Fondo Social Europeo. La finalidad de este apoyo es incentivar la contratación de personas jóvenes en el marco del Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil