About us

My name is Eva Verdeal. I have studied fashion design in Madrid and London. It's a profession that I love. Actually, I've always worked in the fashion world, until I had children... The birth of my kids conditioned me to try to reconcile work and family life. I have three children. The lack of time made me think what to do with my working life.

The thing is that for a while I had in mind to start my own company. I was not clear on how or where. .. and after long consideration I decided. The idea came to try to unite the world of children, fashion, customization and ease which the Internet now gives us, and it was fun to set up: Dime que me quieres, which means: Tell me that you love me.

Being able to customize your necklaces, bracelets, towels, aprons ... is a different way to say "I love you" to the people around you: your children, parents, friends and acquaintances... making something special and at the same time exclusive.

I tell you that not everything is customized, because, as you know, it's hard to change customs so there is some creativity of the fashion designer, something retro, something sweet, something about me, what I like, and what inspires me is what I do.

Hope you like it!