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Engagement rings: the essential jewel of any proposal

If there is a special moment in the life of a couple, it is undoubtedly that of the proposal. Engagement rings allow you to wear a quality jewel in your hands and commit to your partner forever.

Furthermore, we know the importance of making a good choice, since this jewel will accompany you until your wedding day.

In this article we analyze in depth everything you need to know about engagement rings, keep reading because we will help you make the right choice!

Tradition of asking for a hand with an engagement ring

The tradition of asking for a hand with an engagement ring has evolved over time. This custom has been enriched over the years thanks to different cultures and traditions that have given rise to what we know today as a marriage proposal.

The origins of marriage proposals date back to Egyptian and Roman civilizations. The first used leather rings, while the second used iron rings, however, for both The circular shape of the ring was associated with eternity .

Later, the use of rings with stones began to become popular among the nobility. The use of diamonds in engagement rings represents a turning point in the refinement and delicacy of these pieces of jewelry.

This tradition, although it has undergone changes, has remained intact until today where we can see how the vast majority of couples get engaged and give each other engagement rings as a symbol of their love and respect. How romantic!

Types of engagement rings: discover them

There is a wide variety of types of engagement rings, each one has characteristics that make them unique. Choose the style and finish that best suits your partner's tastes to show off a ring with personality.

Take every detail into account, as it can make the difference between a piece that fits you perfectly or not. Let's look at the different styles of engagement ring:

fine rings

The thin rings  They have conquered the world of jewelry with their subtlety and sophistication. These delicate pieces are more than a simple ring, they represent the most classic option, with a simple and thin body that is close to minimalism, they can incorporate small ornaments embedded in the center of the body.

Our fine rings They resemble solitaires , being the perfect rings for a proposal due to their elegant and discreet appearance. The popularity of these rings is largely due to their ease of combining with other jewelry. For those who think that sometimes less is more, we propose this ring, success is assured!

solitaire engagement ring

Rings with stones

If thin rings seem too simple for you, you can choose an engagement ring with stones. The rings with stones  They are differentiated by the elegance of their design and the additional value that the stones give to a piece of jewelry. They usually have small zircons embedded or set in the body that enhance their natural beauty through the sparkles produced when light falls on them.

These rings are also available with stones in different shades of colors. If you are looking for an option that is out of the ordinary, take a chance with one of these gems.

stone engagement ring

smooth rings

The smooth rings  They are a classic that never goes out of style. Their versatility makes them the perfect option if you are looking for an engagement ring that doesn't draw too much attention. The absence of stones and their polished and shiny surface make them extremely comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis. As it does not have stones set, the degree of fit to the finger is greater. Without a doubt, they are the perfect option if you are looking for beauty in the simple and sophistication in the discreet.

You can find all our rings in different materials. The most common are the gold rings  and Silver rings . We encourage you to explore our online catalog or visit one of our stores to discover all the options available.

smooth ring

Differences between engagement or engagement rings and wedding rings or alliances

He engagement ring  It is given during the marriage proposal, its use It symbolizes the love and union of the couple . If we talk about its design, it stands out for being more striking and often integrates a central stone such as a zirconia that acts as a point of interest on the rest of the design of the piece, complementing the main element.

Meanwhile he wedding ring or alliances  is exchanged during the marriage ceremony, as a symbolic act formalizing the union of the couple and a strong bond between two people . Its intensive use leads to a simpler and more classic design such as a smooth band without flashy stones, with the aim of being comfortable and easy to wear.

Although wedding rings tend to have a simpler design, many couples choose to personalize them with engravings or add meaningful details, such as the wedding date or special messages, to make them even more unique.

The combination of both rings acquires more importance with the passage of time, becoming pieces full of emotion and feelings for the couple. These rings are the tangible representation of the promise of love made and are capable of leaving a mark on your lives due to their meaning.

What are you waiting for to give your partner an engagement ring? At Dime Que Me Wants we will be happy to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your partner.

engagement rings

Where do you put the engagement ring? Get rid of doubts

Engagement ring It is placed on the ring finger of the left hand . This custom comes from a belief that the ring finger of the left hand is directly connected to the heart.

However, this is not a fixed rule and many couples choose to wear the ring on the hand and finger that is most comfortable for them, breaking the established rules. Some choose to wear the engagement ring on another finger that feels meaningful to them, or may even change the hand they wear it on over time. Most importantly, the meaning and importance of the engagement ring is maintained regardless of placement on the finger.

As we have seen the tradition associated with proposing, styles and customs have changed with the passage of time and generational changes. At Dime Que Me Wants we have a wide variety of engagement rings to make your proposal an unforgettable moment.

Given the complexity of the choice, in all our stores we advise you individually. If you have questions, come to our physical points of sale to see all our engagement rings up close. The Dime Que Me Ques team will help you choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Take the plunge, we help you through our unique jewelry!