Collection: Necklaces


At Dime que me quieres we follow the latest trends to make original and design necklaces, looking for a flattering and wearable style for any occasion. Our gold necklaces are plated in 18Kt and three microns or, also, necklaces in sterling silver 925 mm. These necklaces are made to be combined with each other or worn alone.

Choose the necklace that best suits your style: chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, necklaces with stones, necklaces with letters, personalized necklaces and zodiac necklaces.



Characteristics and types of necklaces

At Dime Que Me Wants we follow the most current trends to make original and designer necklaces, looking for a flattering style. With our necklaces designed in a variety of styles, materials and lengths you can adorn your neck in a way never seen before.

Among the different types of necklaces are:

Gold necklaces

The gold necklaces we have for you are incredibly beautiful. The gold we use is top quality, its 18Kt and 3 micron plating will last you forever. If you want a worthwhile fashion investment and be the envy of everyone, these necklaces are what you are looking for.

silver necklaces

Our 925mm sterling silver necklaces are stunning. They are designed with a modern touch that you cannot miss. The high-quality silver shines and fits perfectly with you. These pieces are ideal to stand out from informal meetings to special events. In addition, their price makes them even more attractive.

chain necklaces

Chain necklaces are designed with a modern and versatile touch that fits perfectly into any style. The variety of designs and thicknesses of the chains allows you to customize your look in a unique way.

Personalized necklaces

Give a special and unique touch to your jewelry with personalized necklaces . Choose your initials, dates or messages to create a unique piece that tells your story.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are absolutely charming, each one is different and you can find them with symbols, shapes or with more elaborate details.

Necklaces with stones

All necklaces with stones are unique jewelry that will give you color and elegance thanks to their natural stones of different colors.

Letter Necklaces

With our letter necklaces, wear your initial, that of someone special or even make words. These necklaces are a subtle but impactful way to tell who you are.

zodiac necklaces

Each zodiac necklace is designed with the symbol of your sign, allowing you to connect with its energies and characteristics.

Birthstone Necklaces

Necklaces with birthstones are authentic jewels full of meaning. Each stone is related to a month of the year and they allow you to carry with you the stone that best represents you.

Necklace care

To care for one of our necklaces and keep it in optimal condition, avoid contact with products that could damage it. Try to take it off when you are going to be in humid areas and store them in a suitable place, this way you will maintain their shine in the long term.