How is our jewelry?

All our jewelry is either 925 thousandths silver or brass plated with three microns of 750 thousandths (18KT) sterling gold or 750 thousandths (18KT) sterling silver plated with three microns of sterling gold. Some of our products such as wedding rings are made of 750 thousandths (18KT) sterling gold.

Silver care:

Always keep your jewel in its box or in a dry, enclosed space.

Gold plated care:

Our plated is of high quality and with a large amount of gold, so it is very resistant, but it will always be better to take off your jewelry if you bathe in the sea or in pools, take showers or exercise. And you should always avoid perfume, creams and chemicals. Keep your jewelry in its box or in a dry and closed place.

In the duration and state of your jewel, it influences a lot the PH of our skin that, in some cases, can make the jewel darken more quickly.

How to take care of silver?

How to take care of the gold plate?