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What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

Jewelry has its own language, and it is common to confuse the terms "bracelet" and "bracelet" since they are often used synonymously. Although both accessories are placed on your arms, these two accessories have different characteristics that make them unique.

If you want to learn how you can give your look a complete twist, read on to find out the main differences between the two, what is the best way to combine them and what makes them so special. We tell you everything about these fantastic accessories.

What is a bracelet?

A bracelet is a type of jewelry that is usually worn around the wrist or higher on the arm. Unlike a bracelet, which is usually flexible, the bracelet is rigid so choosing an appropriate size is essential and generally has an oval or circular shape.

Bracelets have traditionally had diverse meanings related to power, wealth, and distinction of who wore it. Currently this piece has become popular and has managed to adapt to new trends in modern jewelry.

Bracelets can have a simple design or be adorned with stones, and their construction usually has an opening that allows it to be slid and adjusted on the wrist or forearm. These accessories are your perfect ally for formal events as they stand out for their subtlety and elegance.

However, their use is back in fashion so you can combine them with a large amount of jewelry in your daily life. As you can see, bracelets stand out for their versatility so they can be the accessory you need in your wardrobe to give a unique style to your outfit.


What are bracelets?

Bracelets are pieces of jewelry designed to be worn around the wrist. They are generally flexible and can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, leather, beads, or even thread.

Bracelets can have different closures , such as buckles or clasps, that allow them to be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes. This makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of styles and occasions. Their versatility makes them an accessory capable of being easily complemented with other clothing items and other jewelry.

Bracelets have gained relevance thanks to their high customization capacity, being able to choose from a large number of materials, colors, lengths and shapes. The customization possibilities do not end there but you can find personalized bracelets especially designed for you. Discover at Dime Que Me Want the bracelet that best represents you.


Materials for bracelets and bangles

The material chosen to make a bracelet or bracelet can make a difference in its aesthetic appearance and meaning. The choice of material is especially important because it defines the style, the resistance of the piece and the occasion of use.

Discover the most common materials used in our bracelets and bangles that allow us to achieve quality finishes:

Silver bracelets

Silver bracelets are famous for their elegance and versatility . Silver, with its subtle shine and distinctive color, suits a wide variety of styles and occasions. From fine and delicate bracelets to more elaborate designs. In addition, they can be easily combined with other jewelry accessories.

Silver bracelets require proper care to maintain their shine , as silver can become tarnished over time. To keep it as good as the first day, we recommend cleaning the silver with special products and storing your silver bracelets in a place free of humidity, since humid environments accelerate oxidation.

These bracelets are ideal to combine with a casual style . To do so, you can wear them along with watches, leather bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. Furthermore, you can always combine different types of silver bracelets and bangles and you will be adding a point of distinction to your look.

silver bracelets

Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets with their characteristic shine become a jewel that should never be missing in your jewelry box . From simple designs to bracelets with stones, beads and engraved details that offer customization options.

Gold bracelets are versatile when it comes to integrating them into your outfit. For an elegant look, it is best to combine them with gold accessories, however, for a casual look it is better to do it with bracelets of different textures.

As you can see, there are many types of gold bracelets, discover in our stores the wide variety of gold bracelets that are waiting for you and we will help you choose the most suitable one for your look or event.

gold bracelets

golden bracelet

Gold bracelets come in a variety of styles, from the most minimalist and elegant to those with more complex decorative elements. They can be smooth and shiny or textured with patterns and engravings. Some gold bracelets are embellished with stones adding additional appeal to the piece.

These bracelets can be combined with other gold accessories for a homogeneous look. They can also be mixed with jewelry made of different materials to achieve a more current style.

golden bracelet

Types of bracelets

There are a wide variety of bracelets that can reflect your style but each one is different. We want you to know what types of bracelets you can find at Dime Que Me Más, from simple bracelets to elaborate bracelets with numerous details, each one with its unique charm and personality.

Fine bracelets

Thin bracelets are a timeless classic in the world of jewelry. Elegant and subtle, they are designed with a thinness that makes them perfect for everyday use or to complement more formal outfits. These bracelets can be simple threads of gold, silver, and their simplicity often highlights their beauty. They are also ideal for combining with other bracelets, creating a contemporary and chic stacked effect.

Personalized bracelets

Personalization adds a special and unique touch to any piece of jewelry, and personalized bracelets are no exception. These bracelets can be engraved with initials, names, significant dates or special messages. Some even allow the incorporation of elements such as birthstones or symbols that have a particular meaning. They are perfect to give to family or friends, personalized bracelets represent in a tangible way the emotional ties that unite you with the people you love most.

Bracelets with medals

Medal bracelets offer a different aesthetic, as they are usually mounted on a chain or cord bracelet. These types of bracelets have designs that range from classic ones with a single medal to much more modern ones with several medals on a single bracelet. The shape of the medals can be round, oval or have unique shapes. They are the perfect accessory to wear every day and the possibility of making engravings on the medal increases its personality.

medal bracelet

Bracelets with stones

The incorporation of stones in the bracelets gives color, shine and an additional dimension to these accessories. Bracelets with stones can have a variety of finishes depending on the natural stone chosen. Each stone has its own energy and meaning, and their selection reflects each person's aesthetic preferences. These bracelets can be striking in style or delicate and refined, depending on the size and arrangement of the stones, which play a fundamental role in the overall aesthetic of the bracelet.

At Dime Que Me Busca you have a variety of bracelets that will make it difficult for you to choose just one. Its different materials and finishes are specially designed to adapt to any style so that combining them is very easy. Enhance your wrist with one of our bracelets. You will be delighted!

Types of bracelets

Bracelets , like any other accessory, have evolved over time, until reaching the current moment in which we find an infinite variety of types of bracelets designed for each person and occasion.

Some of the most common types have circular shapes, others are open at one end or made with links for greater mobility. Its finishes are varied and range from smooth and polished, much more minimalist to engraved details, with textures or the incorporation of charms or knots typical of a more casual style.

Discover the entire selection of bracelets that we have prepared for you. Each bracelet has a unique identity and character, so if you want to express yourself through your jewelry, one of these cannot be missing in your jewelry box.

Now that you know everything you need to choose your bracelets and bracelets, we recommend that you take a look at our catalog, taking into account everything we just told you. If you follow our advice we are sure that you will get the bracelet or bracelet that best suits you.

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