Nueva colección BIZNAGA

New BIZNAGA collection

Flowers are always a source of inspiration for our designs and this time was no exception. The protagonist: the Biznaga flower, an iconic flower from the Malaga region.


The Biznaga flower is typical and native to Malaga, an authentic symbol for the people of Malaga. It is a handmade element, made from jasmine flowers and the stem of the nerdo, which has been made by hand by biznagueros for centuries.

The jasmine is inserted into the stem of the nerdo when they are still closed and, when night comes, the flower opens, revealing its beauty and, above all, its smell, which is more intense when night falls.

Its shape is so characteristic that historically it has been used in vases, decorations for special events, brooches, jewelry... thus being a symbol for Malaga.

Biznaga handmade jewelry collection | tell me you Love Me


Inspired by the origin, by the strength of the earth, by “ours”. Designed with care, with the Biznaga flower in the focus.

The collection is made up of 8 pieces, all of which are unique, inspired by the Biznaga flower. You will find earrings that you can combine such as the climbing earring with the Biznaga earring or the maxi earrings are the perfect match for the long earring, choker , choker , ring and bracelet , each of them with a unique and elegant design. Each piece of jewelry is designed to capture the beauty and elegance of the biznaga flower, and we are sure you will find the perfect piece for yourself or to give as a gift to someone special.

They follow the floral trend , of subtle but notable jewelry, the kind that gives you your own identity.

The jewelry has been made one by one, by hand in our local workshops. To do this, recycled materials have been used, from start to finish. Covered with a 3 micron gold plating and white zircons.

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