Joyas para hombre: El accesorio imprescindible para esta temporada

Men's jewelry: The essential accessory for this season

Historically, men “decorated” themselves with gold and silver jewelry to attract the attention of the Gods. Until today the reasons have changed a lot, but what is clear is that they attract everyone's attention. And over the centuries they have experienced many changes in terms of design and usability, but in recent years the popularity of men's jewelry has increased significantly.


Men's jewelry has taken center stage in the most current men's looks and adapts to each style to give essence to each one of them. Therefore, in Tell me that you love me, there is a particular jewel for the taste of every man.

Men's jewelry trends

And what better occasion than Father's Day to have a gift and give jewelry, thank, value and move dad.

Without a doubt, personalized jewelry is the most emotional gift that triumphs every year. Engraving your initials, those of all your siblings, your last name, a word that defines you... Touching the heart with something so yours is always a success.

Father's Day Gifts

If he is more classic, there is jewelry for him: more traditional chokers and leather and macramé bracelets. Yes, always customizable. And if they are more modern, those who follow trends, those who love fashion, there is also a place for them in Tell me that you love me with chokers like the Blackberryheart.

Whatever the case, dad always deserves that little detail to show him that you love him, that he is important to you and that you value what he does every day for you.