DQMQ Manifesto


We like to be different.

At Dime que me quieres we are;

Brave, passionate, independent, different and authentic. We are inspired by each one of you to create unique and original designs.

The difference is in the small details and in working with passion. Observing, innovating and taking risks we reach the perfect balance, paying special attention to what our customers want, we take care of every last detail with love and care in our jewellery throughout the whole process. 

Original #designs

At #DQMQ we are at the forefront of the latest trends, always on the cutting edge! We can say that our designs are unique and original. We find inspiration in astrology, animal constellations, mother nature, Greek myths and works of art among many other things, from there we create jewellery that is so different and so successful! We are passionate about giving a daring and fun touch to our pieces which deserve a special place in your jewellery box. 


We are committed to 100% national production. Each and every one of the Dime Que Me Quieres jewels are born in our atelier, being handmade by the best craftsmen makes each of the pieces unique and unmatched. In addition, we work with the best materials, exceeding expectations in terms of quality. We have the added value of personalising your jewellery giving you the opportunity to work with you to create something exceptional that will tell your story.

 We go further, we tell stories...

We don't settle for being just a top jewellery brand, we dream big. Our collections go beyond limits, they go beyond... 

Behind every piece of jewellery there is an illusion, a feeling, aspirations and dreams to be fulfilled. We accompany you in important events that will mark your life: a first date, your first day at work, a proposal of marriage... 

Your jewels write your story, they speak of you and remind you of moments you have lived, that is why we strive to work day by day with passion and thus produce unique pieces that have added sentimental value. 

Thank you for joining us!

Dime que me quieres SLU, cuenta con el apoyo de Fomento de Empleo y la Comunidad de Madrid, así como con la cofinanciación del Fondo Social Europeo. La finalidad de este apoyo es incentivar la contratación de personas jóvenes en el marco del Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil