Así se crean las joyas made in Spain de Dime que me quieres

This is how the jewels made in Spain by Dime que me quieres are created.

If they are distinguished for something The jewels of tell me It is for the Unique and original designs, thought by Eva Verdeal, the founder, CEO and designer of tell me that you love me. All of them also have the distinctive stamp "Made in Spain" jewels and are manufactured in our workshops in Spain. The creation process, from the conception of the idea until the jewels are distributed in stores for sale, can last two to three months.

The idea

It all starts with an idea. In addition to trends, Eva finds her inspiration in what surrounds her, in the small details and in what he likes. In fact, his passion for nature is reflected in many of the pieces and some of the most iconic collections of the brand, such as The Gingko either The succulent. On the other hand, Personalized jewels They follow one Minimalist and simple line, where the customization option becomes the protagonist and plays the fundamental role for the jewel to be even more special. The possibility of recording drawings or messages in them make these jewels a different way of saying "I love you." In addition to following the main trends of each season, we try that Each piece is original and unique, always following the essence of the brand. Therefore, all our "made in Spain" jewels have that Artisan and romantic touch so characteristic of tell me that you love me.

The creation process

From the beginning we have opted for a Traditional creation process and one hundred percent made in Spain by artisans with a long tradition and experience. All our pieces are limited editions, prepared with the maximum detail, about materials from great quality chosen with care. Once we have the idea, Eva creates a sketch with the design of the jewel that will pass to the workshops. There, a wax prototype is performed, which will allow us to have an impression of what the jewel will be like. From this, a first sample will be designed that will serve to make the mold from which the rest of the pieces will come out. Together with Eva, the production team, which works in the central offices, supervises the entire process. It is they who give the final "ok" on the piece, decide the materials on which it is going to be done, as well as the necessary amounts.
When a consensus has finally been reached, artisans are launched and perform each of the jewels, through the foundry and other processes, such as welding, polishing, setting and bathing in gold. That is why No two are the same, which makes them even more special and unique. Once we have the pieces, the production team lasts the details: the assembly is made, the chains are chosen, some pieces are enamel, the prices are fixed ... and voilà! It is then that our "Made in Spain" jewels are already ready for distribution in stores.

The added value

We like to believe that all this manufacturing process in Spain is an added value to our jewels. In addition, all of them have a Quality certificate and are made with the best materials: 925mm law silver or brass bathed in 3 18kl gold microns. This bathroom has a large amount of gold, so it is high quality and very resistant. Beyond our products, we also care for the small details so that the Purchase experience is unique: The decoration of our stores, the packaging of our products and customer service are fundamental aspects that help us convey our essence.