¿Cuál es el material perfecto según tu tono de piel?

What is the perfect material according to your skin tone?

Do you know if gold favors you more than silver? When do you wear a gold jewel, do you feel prettier than when you put it in silver? All that has an explanation: that gold or silver feels better depends on our skin tone, hair color or the clothes we wear. Do you know how to choose your jewels according to your skin tone?

Here are some tips so that you have no doubt how to combine your jewels in gold or silver and know how to wear them in the best way:

The jewels that best feel with your skin tone

A jewel will always stand out with any look whatever our skin tone. But if we find the perfect piece we will get the effect to multiply even more. In tell me that you love me we have distinguished me between two different types of skin hue: warm skin and cold skin. Keep reading if you want to know what yours is and not fail with your looks.

Warm skin

It has always been said that brown girls feel better, but what about the blondes of brown skin? If you are warm skin (you get very brown in summer, and the earth, ocher, beiges and oranges colors highlight the luminosity of your face and the factions of your face) Your jewels are those of gold! The effect of these golden jewels will always be flattering because your brown will highlight and will accentuate the natural features of your face. If white garments are fascinated and This color always looks good and in summer it is not lacking in your suitcase, whether vaporous, linen or silk shirts, we recommend you bet on gold jewelry for your looks Total White. It will also contribute that extra light to your face. You can combine our Chaker Iria in gold with some Indira hoops, a perfect combo made to hit.

And if The black color is your greatest ally on the most special nights When you want to go perfect and elegant, gold jewels will undoubtedly be a safe option for those nights in which we want to keep our chic point with a Little Black Dress or with some PALAZZO of fluid fabric. We bet on a total maxi look in gold with our Madhawa earrings, a gargantilla like the Choker Bhaskara and an XL ring like the Nuriel ring.



The girls who by nature have lighter skin are very favored with colors called cold and these are the blue, lilac and green. For this type of skins, what favors the most is silver. They enhance the factions and give luminosity to the smile and face. Thanks to their easy care, silver jewels are good companions for your most summer looks since its maintenance will allow you to go to the beach, the pool, or even shower with them. Silver pieces are much more durable than other types of metals, and that is why it is the most comfortable option to carry and the easiest to hit if you want to make a gift.

Another key piece to highlight in cold skins are stones, such as diamonds or circumsites that with their brightness provide luminosity on clear skin. We recommend you Diamond bracelet or the Spiga earrings. Do you like to give a touch of color to your styles? The crystals and stones ranging from the red tones to the blues often favor this type of skins, like our chip Birth Stone that you will find in different shades of color according to your month of birth or the My Letter chokers In silver, with which you can accompany your initial with the crystal that you like the most.


In summary, knowing what our skin is will help us to combine and choose our jewels more easily and wear them with much more security. You can always opt for a gold jewel if your skin is cold or silver if your skin is warm, but it never hurts to know us 100% to get the most out of us and be radiant.

In tell me that you will find me many more jewels, such as gold necklaces, silver bracelets, Rings... If you have any questions to solve, remember that you can go to any of Our shops And we will advise you to find the jewels that best adapt to you.