Cómo combinar unos pendientes largos

How to match long earrings

Long earrings have never ceased to be a tendency in jewelry. They are perfect for any occasion, since the truth is that slopes are one of those accessories capable of giving a 360º turn to a styling and transforming to the most basic looks. Thus, Knowing how to combine slopes can be decisive for a look to work.

One of the golden rules when wearing long earrings is to forget about collars and striking clothes, since the look could be ruined due to excess. Long earrings are already very complete visually pieces, so it is necessary to find a balance. So, it is best to opt for clothes in neutral tones or soft colors and finer and minimalist necklaces. They are the slopes that combine perfectly with High neck blouses and jerseys.


Long earrings according to your face type

Long slopes are an ideal complement to hide or profile certain characteristics of your face. For example, they especially favor girls with a round face, since They lengthen the face visually. It is best to choose long and straight earrings, since if they are very wide they would end up providing more volume to the face, such asChain slopes either The Petra slopes.

On the other hand, if you have an elongated and oval face, you will have to opt for long slopes with some type of volume so that they do not excessively extend your face, such as the Damascus earrings either LEAF OLIVA EARRINGS.

For square and very marked faces, you can opt for long earrings whenever they have a more oval or round shape. To do this, the ideal is to opt for ring slopes big.



Long earrings according to your type of hairstyle

Depending on the type of hairstyle, long earrings can become the definitive complement. If there is someone who especially favor long earrings, they are short -haired girls,As we already explained in this publication. Also They work very well with collected in the hair that leave them in sight and enhance your face. In these cases, XL versions are ideal, such as Forest slopes.

If on the contrary you have long hair, you are in luck! You are from the lucky ones to which all types of slopes look good.


Find perfect long earrings

In our online jewelry you will find the long earrings that best adapt to each style. From Simple jewelry With a romantic touch, like Polaris slopes, until most colorful jewels with color, like Klimt slopes, which will also transfer you to an eternal summer thanks to its design with shells. We also have a wide selection of silver earrings. In fact, many of our long earrings are also found in this material.