5 claves para un fondo de joyas perfecto

5 keys to a perfect jewellery collection

In the same way that there are basics that make up our closet fund, in jewelry there are infallible basic ones that you can take day by day with any look. Simple but at the same time essential jewels to create combinations with personality. These are the 5 types of jewels that should not be missing to fill your jeweler and create the perfect jewelry background.

The hoops, a basic

The ring slopes They are a timeless basic in any jeweler. Thanks to their versatility, they are easy to combine with any look. From the classic simple hoops to more elaborate designs, going through others with charms ... whatever your choice, ring slopes cannot be missing in your jeweler.

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewels, in addition to being a basic, can become a real treasure. He records a memory or message with meaning and turning them into a piece of great sentimental value. The best of all? In a lot You can record from words, phrases, dates, coordinates ... to your own custom drawings uploading a file to the web.

An idea? He records the firm made by that special person, your baby's footprints, it is a chorus of that song that has always accompanied you, the coordinates of your place of origin ... The possibilities are infinite!

Among all our Personalized necklaces basic, we recommend the 1.8cm medal in gold bathroom, The edith gargantilla to go to the last in terms of trends or The Mars Medal, a more modern and current design.

We also have a broad catalog of custom bracelets. Bracelet Chain Amelie, reminiscent of the design of a slave bracelet, The Turin bracelet Or, for a touch of color, any of Liberty bracelets They could be a good option.

Gargantillas of different lengths

One of the keys when wearing jewelry is the art of layering or, said with other words, the art of combining and carrying several pieces creating layers that conform a look with strength and personality. To do this, it is necessary to have chokers of different lengths and thicknesses that allow you to have fun creating combinations. The vast majority of our gargantillas have included an extender so you can play with the length. The basics will help you create a basis to achieve this effect, such as The Gargantilla Alejandría, eitherThe Turin Gargantilla If you want to add a touch of color. Then add a longer and voila collar, an effect achieved. If you prefer not The Gargantilla Delhi. It will seem that you wear two chokers in one!

Rings of different thicknesses

Are you one of those who are never enough rings? We do!The ideal is to have more basic rings such as he Edith, Sphere or the Equis, to combine them with more special ones such as Babylon, he Versailles, Or, even personalized, such as Cazanne.

The earrings, your best ally

Depending on the hairstyle, earrings can be a key piece and become the center of all eyes. Ideally, you have a series of off -road pending that combine with everything, such as Hermes earrings.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has more than one hole, you can choose to combine many mini slopes in different ways. You will go to the latest fashion!