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Which earrings suit your face shape best?

We usually choose the earrings that we like without stopping to think if these are the ones that favor us most. Depending on our face we will see how some earrings fit us better than others, what earrings favor you more depending on the shape of your face?

If you are wondering what hoops Use with the elongated face or which are the best earrings for round faces you first have to identify what is the shape of your face and thus discover the slopes that will favor you most. But for you to do with the earrings that favor you more, we bring you a selection of slopes according to your face shape.

How to know what my face is?

The first step to correct our earrings and succeeding is identifying our face shape. Sometimes this is an unknown, to decipher it and identify the shape of our face we bring you the different types of faces:

  • The round face It is characterized by rounded contours in the chin and front.
  • If you face is triangular It will resemble the shape of a triangle, with a narrower front and wider jaw, this also resembles pear -shaped faces.
  • Elongated or oval face You will know if your face is identified with this shape when your face is thin, that is, the shape of your face is longer than wide.
  • The square face It is identified when the long and width of your face are very symmetrical.
  • How to identify if you face is rectangular? The proportions notice a certain verticality, the lateral edges being very similar throughout the face.
  • You will know if you face is shaped like a triangle or heart If your forehead and cheekbones are wider, however your jaw is narrower.

How to choose the earrings?

Flower pending, elegant slopes, slopes with brightness, mini earrings and endless more models. The slope options are so varied, with so many designs and styles that it is done uphill to know where to throw. To be an insured success we present the Earrings that favor you more according to your face.

Pending that you should carry if your face is round

Earrings for round faces What else favor? Without a doubt, those who soften the rounded shape of your face are the ones that will stay best. Date for slopes with square or rectangular shapes that achieve this effect. Also opt for those who manage to create the most elongated face effect such as hanging slopes. Those that you should avoid whether or if they are the round slopes. What do you think of Damascus earrings For a more special occasion? If you prefer a day -to -day proposal, Astrid earrings.Square earrings | tell me you Love Me

The earrings that you should carry if your face is shaped like a heart -shaped triangle

For women with a diamond or heart face, Maxi slopes will become your slopes for day to day. Not only are these who will favor you, the big hoops are also one of the Earrings that favor you more depending on the shape of your face. Instead, the earrings that you should avoid are small or button slopes, and even those geometric slopes.

Earrings like Liberia  Tell me that you love me would be great with look for parties or special events. However, if you are looking for pending for day to day, our favorite hoops are the ring.

XL ring slopes | tell me you Love Me
The earrings that favor you if your face is elongated

If your face is elongated you are in luck, both small earrings, long earrings or rings will have fable, you will have no problem when choosing your earrings!

You are fortunate that almost any slope will favor you but still, to further enhance your features decant for long or even slopes with triangular shape. Our favorites for more special occasions are Odette earrings And for more special occasions, our long forest slopes.

XL slopes | tell me you Love Me

Jewels that favor with a square face

For square faces the infallible earrings are oval and of course, the elongated, but trying to make all the weight at the bottom. If you are more of small earrings your best allies will be the small hoops or the button slopes. On the contrary, avoid the maxi slopes or XL rings. A slope that will not fail will be the White Flora pending.

Flor pending | tell me you Love Me

Rectangular face, what jewels favor you most?

If your face is rectangular the earrings that you should avoid are the long slopes. But what are the earrings that will best stay with your face? Undoubtedly, rings, round slopes and slopes with rounded designs such as spheres or circles.

Small ring earrings | tell me you Love Me

3 tips to hit when buying earrings

In telling what you want some of the tricks to buy earrings and not go crazy in the attempt. These tips put their point of view in visagism, the occasion and the proportions of your face:

  • First of all, is the Importance of visagism, that is the study of your face. We need to know and identify the shape of our face to choose the earrings that favor your face.
  • Second you must think about what hairstyle You are going to show off your earrings, collected, loose or curly?
  • And finally, another factor that you cannot forget is the neck, specifically the length of your slopes must be proportional to that of this. If your neck is short, the best thing is that you opt for somewhat subtle and not so long earrings. Look for asymmetry!

Now that you know which are the earrings that favor you most, it is time for you to take them to your style, but without losing your identity. Discover all the slopes of telling me that you love me and get the model that identifies you most! Also, if you liked these tips you can't miss How to combine long earrings.