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What are the trends in jewelry for girlfriends in 2022?

Have you noticed that weddings are always of more importance to the dress, hairstyle and makeup? But what about Jewelry for brides and the accessories? These will give a more special touch to your wedding look and should not be in the background. The important thing is that you find jewels that go in accordance with all your style, but they can follow the trends in bride jewelry, much better.

On such a special day it is normal for us to look at everything, every detail. Therefore, we cannot forget the jewels for essential brides, including a throat, slopes, alliances and even a bracelet. Discover the latest trends in jewelry for girlfriends in 2022!

Bridal earrings for 2022 are maxi

The slopes will undoubtedly continue to be one of the essential accessories on your wedding day. If you are undecided with the slope model, knowing the latest trends in wedding earrings can help you choose. It is true that you must take into account the hairstyle, the your face shape and the design of your dress so that everything fits spectacularly.

Among these trends in earrings for girlfriend are long earrings, in tell me that you will find ideal proposals such as Petra slopes or Leaf olive will be a success more than insured.

But, this is not the only tendency in slopes, Maxi pending They will mark the pattern. Ginko earrings will become your essentials, especially if you opt for a collection.

Trend that continues this 2022: the brooches

Broches are always an infallible complement to weddings. From hair brooches to brooches for your wedding dress. With this complement you can give a different touch to your wedding dress.

Wedding alliances and rings that will mark 2022

Choose the alliances that will accompany you on such an important day carefully. The brightness are one of the trends that do not go out of style. A ring in trend and the most accessible is the Moonlight Gold Ring A success insured for your wedding day!

However, another of the trends that have been stomping are the rings with different designs, especially geometric rings. A simple proposal, but you will love it is the Crow ring.

The Maxi rings, as in the trends in jewelry 2022 are a must. If you like the XL wedding rings your opportunity has arrived.

Jewelry for brides 2022: floral jewels

The Floral jewelry They are in this season. Not only is it time to take your flowers in the field, now you can also take it in wedding accessories and accessories. There is no doubt that they are jewels that never fail on such a romantic day and especially, because one more year it is still a trend.

From earrings, chokers, bracelets, flower rings, headbands or crowns. If you are looking for a jewel of flowers, our Flora collection is thought about lovers of this trend.

Pearls one of the trends in jewelry for girlfriends that steps strongly

For us there is no complement to stick more at weddings than pearls. A jewel with pearls is a complement that combines with all kinds of hairstyles and dresses. Without a doubt, it is a basic that should be in every jeweler. What do you think of Gabriele's earrings? Some earrings with pearls inspired by the great designer Coco Chanel, this being one of his badges.

The bracelets the trend in bracelets

Like trends in general jewelry, bracelets will be a complement that will go with those dresses that need extra detail. These can be simple, with stones or even if you join one of the previous trends, with flowers.

Trends that do not go out of style

There are some trends in Bridal jewelry They will not disappear. Among them are the pending pending and piercing. A track to get 100% hit is that these jewels carry a lot of shine.

Thus will be the pending pending

If you are not large slopes, a trend in the wedding jewelry that will not go are the climbers. In fact, a model like the pending Spiga is a classic that you can also use in your day to day.

The 2022 piercing trend for girlfriends

Every day it is more common to see brides who only need pending when they arrive at the altar, they also arrive with Piercings In your ears. Deing with piercings with zirconitas are a trend in slopes for brides in 2022.

The fundamental thing is that you carry these trends to your land and follow your style. The elements that you must select first and you must take into account are from the wedding dress, your hairstyle, makeup and even the tone of your skin and hair. But as John Galliano would say "style is to wear a night dress to a McDonald's and football heels. It is personality, trust and seduction. ” Which or what trends are you going to opt for on your wedding day?