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The 5 most original ideas to give away

There is no doubt that jewels, in addition to being a gift for very recurring women, they are a success more than insured. Have you noticed that women mostly carry at least one jewel? Some are opted by slopes, others for rings, and others by bracelets or necklaces. But if you are looking for original jewels for women we bring you a selection of our favorites.

Showing original jewels will give a totally different style that is seen anywhere. In fact, jewels speak for themselves, represent your personality and even your mood. If you are thinking of giving away, why not risk the most original jewels?


The 5 most original jewels to give me that you love me

Between the most original jewels You can opt for custom jewels, pending with totally original styles and designs. What do you tell us about artisanal jewels? In tell me that you will find me colorful and more innovative jewels. These are just some of the most original jewels you can find:

Original rings to give away

The Rings They are a perfect option for women who love to wear their hands with these pieces. Rings with exotic and different designs, such as rings with geometric or flower shapes, such as ours Flora ring. Made by hand and hand painted.

Flower -shaped ring

Unique style necklaces

Between the necklaces, you can find the perfect style for each woman. They are a piece that can be easily combined and that if you opt for original designs it will be more than a success.
If you are looking for a different necklace, you can find the Gargantilla Catrina. A pendant with an original design inspired by Mexican catrinas.

Black heart pendant

Earrings, the most original jewel to give away

We have to admit that the slopes are the jewel that usually does not fail in women, it is the piece that we always usually carry. So it will be a success.

Opting from more disguised designs such as small hoops Even the most extravagant with XL slopes. In tell me you Love Me One of the most original slopes are the Ethereal earrings.

Original jewelry for women bracelets?

We cannot forget the bracelets, in tell me that you love me you can Customize them with charms or medals, finding some bracelets with groundbreaking and unique designs. One of our favorites is the Iria bracelet, an elegant and timeless design.



Personalized jewelry

The Personalized jewelry They will be the most original detail that you can give to a woman. Opt for bracelets, medal necklaces in which to be able to record that message, word, or drawing. Even give away (te) initial necklaces. It will be the most original jewel.

Personalized gold and silver jewelry


Why give original jewels to women?

The jewels manage to excite anyone, with a jewel you can represent that trip, that joke that you only understand between you or even give a message you were waiting for. There is no doubt that women love jewels and if an important date comes, birthday or perhaps because you want to have a surprise, the original jewels are a success.

With jewelry you will demonstrate how much you know that person, you will give emotion. Each gift is a surprise and of course an illusion. You have to focus on the tastes of those people we are going to give but trying to innovate a little.

Of course, every woman deserves a unique and special gift so if you are looking to succeed the original jewels are the most successful option. Find the perfect jewel to give! If you still need some more inspiration, surely this original gift guide for women will like it.