¿Qué aros se llevan este 2022? | Dime que me Quieres

What areos getting this 2022?

The hoops are not simply a slope that saves us in any situation, they are a slope that is always a trend. But what areo are used in 2022? The trends that we bring you have not only seen in the big catwalks, the main celebrities and influencers both in the national and international landscape have already joined them.

There is no doubt, that they are the timeless and more versatile earrings that we can have in our jeweler. Therefore, we bring you the ring slopes in a trend that you can find in tell me that you love me and that you will not want to take off.

But remember, trend or not, you can always carry those jewels and ring slopes that best reflect your style and even opt for slope models that best look on our face. But, if you want to succeed when buying earrings you can't miss What earrings favor you more according to the face shape.

The hoops with ornaments

Minimalism this season no longer plays the leading role in the jewels and neither in our earrings, it is now to innovate in our jewels! Now, the trend in rings is focused on risking.

Therefore, the hoops that are used in 2022 are not only large, they also carry hanging and ornaments. We can opt for slopes with more classic charms like ours Asgard earrings. But if you are looking for earrings that catch all eyes, our slopes Hermes are the ideal ones.

What are they carry this 2022 | tell me you Love Me

Square hoops, the earrings used in 2022

The rectangular trend is something that we were not only seeing in the hoops, the geometric jewels are back. In tell me that you want me, we bet on different jewels but also that current fashion follows.

The perfect description of this is our Astrid earrings, you can find them both in gold and in silver, a rectangular ring design that you will put yourself with everything!

Square ring earrings | Tell me you Love Me
The tendency of the XL rings

This year, ring slopes the bigger, the better. This trend is ideal for our face is oval (but for those who do not, too!). If, in them, you like extravagant jewels and the more striking the better, the maxi rings are made for you.

Match with our Ring earrings! A ring earrings in which you can choose the size you like most from 3, 4 or 5 cm in diameter. A timeless piece while in trend. Without a doubt, the perfect ring to invest!

Other XL hoops for those who do not seek to risk so much and invest in a slope that will never go out of style, the INDIRA EARRINGS! Classic pending but with a lot of charm.

Trending ring slopes | Tell me you Love Me

Original designs slopes for 2022

The earrings and more if they are ring will be a success. In fact, if what you are looking for is to innovate and make you with original slopes these models you may like. Aro designs that symbolize sun rays, rings with flowers or glitters are just some of the designs you can find in tell me that you love me. Without a doubt, some of our favorites are Dafne slopes or Athens.

Why use ring earrings?

In fashion, everything comes back. It is a trip that takes us to other times and is that without a doubt the ring slopes conquered us from the first moment. In fact, ring slopes, since the 70s are a piece of jewelry that has become an infallible slope. There is no jeweler in which there are no pair of ring slopes, who can resist them?

Why are slopes a key accessory? The earrings are a basic piece that will adorn and rejoice all our looks. In addition, if we talk about ring slopes we have to highlight their versatility and ease of combining and even putting.

But not only that, there are many models, colors and textures in which we can find our ring slopes. Silver hoops or golden hoops? With classic or groundbreaking designs? You choose your earrings and How to carry the hoops! The model to opt for mostly on your tastes, style and even the shape of your face.

Which of the types of hoops used in 2022 is your favorite? No matter what your favorite tendency, no doubt investing and betting on good hoops will not only be a safe bet, it is an infallible bet. Discover all our ring slopes and choose yours!