¿Cuáles son las tendencias en joyería primavera verano de 2022?

What are the trends in Spring Summer Jewelry of 2022?

We tell you the latest trends in jewelry for spring summer 2022, take note and become an it girl this spring. The accessories are a woman's best friend, that's a reality!

The truth is that accessories have the powerful ability to raise a zero to one hundred look. Jewels have always been a section within the extensive fashion world where it has been experienced to achieve beauty and perfection.

With the arrival of good weather the jewels arrive in their most striking version: Maxi Rings, chains, pearls, Earchffs, and much more ...

The Jewelry Trend for Spring 2022 which is a must: Maxi Rings

This format of Maxi rings It deserves a special place in your jeweler. HE
This spring will become a must, however, this trend has been presenting several seasons thus becoming one of the accessories par excellence, even so in the coming months we will see how little by little they will increase their size and becoming something more exaggerated.

Thanks to them you will become the center of attention, we assure you! What better way to raise a look than with something as cool as this type of ring?


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Chains, the perfect fashion complement

The link chains They will become your best ally, you will contribute a different touch to each and every one of your styles. The variety of shapes, sizes and designs is so extensive that it will allow you to bet on minimalist pieces and others somewhat more extravagant, the more authentic and unconventional are, the better!

In tell me that you love me we offer you suitable designs to join this cane trend, it will fascinate you! This trend is becoming an iconic concept, because it takes time between us, several seasons at the foot of the cannon.

Now more than ever will reign in your jeweler! It could be considered timeless, thus charging an eternal character. How do you prefer them, in gold bath, or silver? It is difficult to opt for only one of them!

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Earcuffs of trend in spring summer 2022

EARCUFFS: Synonym of chic and daring! The Earcffs, originally from Indian and Egyptian culture, they are all you need to finalize your daily outfits, it is the perfect bead and an authentic fashion statement. They are perfect for those who do not dare to make a piercing, the ideal option to remove, super practical. What better way to highlight your features than with them? You will fall against this jewel, trust them now!

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The ring slopes that you will not stop putting this summer (and throughout the year)

We declare fans of the timeless classics, bet on those accessories that never go out of style, among them we find the ring slopes, essential in your jeweler, they cannot be missing! In addition, they are perfect for every occasion, slow them up and sophisticated your looks or night to give a touch of the most special.

In our online jewelry catalog we offer you a wide range of slopes, from basic and delicate pieces such as Indira to others more original and cañeros such as Athens gold or silver bath.

Maxi ring earrings

It is inevitable not to feel an immediate arrow with each and every one of its
Aro pending that stand out for being so versatile and SUVs. Both gold ring earrings and silver ring are always a total success that will help raise your styling.

Next, we present some of the Top sales of the online store that you love me, bet on fashion jewels and mark your style! We tell you all the key information for you to look at the trend this season.

Floral reasons and jewels are a trend again

One of the last trends For the next season they will be the floral motifs: romantics, chic and original. From telling that you love me we suggest that you take a look at our flora collection characterized by its sophistication, personality and delicacy.

Through this fashion tendency you will have fun as never before that you can show a totally unique style. You do not necessarily limit yourself to a couple of slopes, if you like to experiment we propose that you combine several pieces Why not add collars, bracelets and rings to your look? You will mark a statement!

Trend bracelets 2022


For pearl lovers: the most expected jewelry trend for 2022

The best friend of an outfit 10 are the accessories, you can move from a basic styling to a 10 look with the appropriate jewels. That is why we present the tendency of pearls in all its forms and varieties. This option is crazy! In tell me that you love me we have the Gabrielle collection, designed as a tribute to the iconic Coco Chanel.

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The pearls have the power to find the perfect balance between femininity and sophistication, prepare to shine with their own light thanks to these stones.

Are you prepared for trends in spring jewelry summer of 2022? Discover our jewels and get the latest news!