Cuál es el significado de los anillos en los dedos

Do you know the meaning of the rings on the fingers?

Did you know that according to the finger in which you wear the ring you can give a message or another? Without a doubt, the rings have always given personality to our hands. The different combinations of gold rings or silver rings are a way to identify our style. According to the style of clothing we carry we can complement it with a combination or another of rings and thus give more personality and complement your look. But what is the real Meaning of the rings on the fingers?

Throughout history, jewels and especially rings have always had great prominence. So much so, that the first rings date back to the stone age. Their designs are not like those that we are accustomed today, they were made with pieces of bone and even shells. But everything had a symbology, the rings at this time were associated with power, leadership and commitment.
But this is not the only story that you should know about the meaning of the rings in the fingers, from telling me that you want me we reveal all the meanings of carrying each ring.


What is the meaning of each ring on the finger?

All the Rings They have a meaning and even the hand in which you carry it will say more than you think, it does not imply the same to carry the ring in our right hand to the left.

Something curious of all this is that perhaps the only ring that is always identified is the engagement ring, which as its name indicates means commitment and alliance in love ... But why on the ring finger and not in the index?

The meaning of carrying the rings on the thumb

The ring on the thumb is the least used today, but formerly it was a symbol of hierarchy or superiority range as in the Roman army. So carrying the ring on the thumb was a sign of courage, being that the person who carries him on this finger reaffirms his personality and transmits a strong image

Today, if you carry your LEFT HAND RING It means that you are a passionate and impulsive person. But suffer a totally opposite meaning if we talk about our other hand, if You carry a ring on the thumb of the right hand, it means that you are a shy person who starts certain personal relationships costs them, although when you make confidence it is friendly and affectionate.

What does it mean to carry the ring on the index finger?

As we have mentioned earlier, according to the hand in which you carry your ring will say a different thing about you. In fact, there are two meanings of carrying the ring on the index finger and that are totally opposite among them.
If you are one of those who always carry the rings on the index finger of the right hand you should know that it represents self -esteem and willpower, in addition to being a strong and leadership person.

On the contrary, if lights the Index finger ring From the left hand, you are a person who prefers to let and comply with orders. Ultimately identifies you for having a quieter character.

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What means wearing the ring on the heart finger

The heart finger is the middle finger, represents the center and symbolizes the balance and balance. In addition, as its name indicates it is directly associated with the heart.
If you are one of those who carry the Ring on the heart of the right hand With him, you will represent an encouragement and emotional balance. He identifies with meditated and quiet people who, sometimes, has trouble making certain decisions for the time they take to decide. He Equis ring It can be the perfect complement.

Instead, if your ring is in the left hand finger You are a person with a high sense of justice, they are people who are very clear about what for them is right or wrong. Power your personality and your looks with our Nuriel ring.

The commitment ring, the ring finger

The ring finger is known Like the finger of love and commitment, but its meaning will vary depending on the hand in which you put your ring.
If your ring lights it in your right hand, you will say that you are a voluntary person and that without a doubt, helping others is something important for you. In a nutshell, they are usually positive people, who like to get the best of others and themselves. If you identify with this, the Flora ring It is ideal for you.

You may already imagine the meaning of Take the ring in your host hand in the left hand, but it is not the only meaning that identifies you. It is true, which represents eternal love or marriage, but also characterizes creative and good people in crisis resolution. For you we have the Angelica ring.

What implies wearing a ring on the little finger?

Finally and not less important, what does it mean to carry the ring on this finger?

Fashion always returns and there is no better example than the rings on the little finger. Who does not remember the mythical family seal in the hand of our grandparents?

The Rings on the little finger They are characterized by giving a lot of personality and dressing any hand giving great style and originality. But what is the true meaning of carrying the ring on the finger?

If you usually use your Ring on the little finger of the right hand You surely define yourself as a person with great sensitivity and empathy, being a quiet and thoughtful person.

On the other hand, if you carry it in your left hand, it means that you have great patience, capable of listening and communicating with others. You are a cheerful and positive person.

Whatever the meaning of bringing the rings on your fingers, have fun wearing your rings and create the combination you like most! But if you have also identified or identified in some of these values, you are never remembering and expressing how we are with our jewels, where you can find all our selection of Silver rings either gold rings, and do the one you like the most ..

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