¿Cuáles son los tipos de alianzas de boda?

What are the types of wedding alliances?

You get married? One of the most important and beautiful decisions comes, to share the rest of your life with that special person. But marrying implies many other decisions, from choosing the type of wedding alliances To choose the dress with which we will give the "yes I want."

The tradition of alliances comes from the ancient Egyptian where alliances made of hemp in the right ring finger were placed. Later the Greeks and the Romans finished establishing this tradition and is now a custom that is done throughout the world.

Undoubtedly, since ancient times wedding alliances have concentrated all the prominence and above all, at the ceremony. That precise moment in which everyone directs their eyes to when you place the rings. Therefore, it is so important to choose the perfect alliance.

Surely to choose you are asked, what are all types of alliances? We must tell you that there are more classic options, more original or those that never fail. We bring you below all the types of wedding or commitment alliance that you have to know before making one of the most important decisions for this great day. Since it is not only a jewel It is the reflection of love.

What are all types of alliance rings?

Of all the things to be prepared for a wedding, the dress, the makeup and hairstyle, the jewelry, the banquet the photos and the video, the music and the guests, there is only one thing that will endure after the big day. The Wedding rings. So that you have no doubts when choosing, we bring you all the types of alliances:

Flat Alliance

This type of alliance stands out for its simplicity. A classic but timeless piece that will never lose its essence. Without a doubt, the Flat Alliance It is a success for all those who do not want to give up minimalism and elegance in their marriage jewels. In tell me that you want me you will find the designs of alliances in effect or round as well as with different widths and finishes to find the alliance with which you dreamed so much.

gold wedding alliance

A different alliance, the double alliance

The double alliances, one of the designs that most represent your link, thanks to the union of two rings. An alliance with two rings effect in one. A perfect ring for those looking for a wedding ring with a touch of spark.

Alliance with textures

These alliances are classic but with a totally innovative touch. Among the main options are satin or Martellé.

The latter is a delicate and fine alliance. Our Martellé ring measures 2 mm wide. They are characterized by being handmade through a technique that consists of giving small blows to the alliance to mold it irregularly. What makes it even more special, there are no two equal. Becoming an original and delicate alliance.

Martelé Alliance

Engaged Alliance

What differentiates and characterizes this type of wedding ring are the accompanying gems and crystals. A piece that stands out on its own.

Combined Alliance

As we can assume by name, the combined alliances are those that intermingle several shades, from two to three. Without a doubt, they are the most groundbreaking type of alliance.

Alliance with gems

Alliances for those looking for a more special jewel. Without a doubt, alliances with gems or diamonds are thought of those that worship the pieces that provide color and brightness.

Therefore, if you are looking for your alliance, in tell me you Love Me We have alliances for your wedding. Totally personalized and commission pieces among which you can find flat or texture alliances. The process begins knowing the exact measure of the size of the fingers and we went on to magic in our workshop. A handmade process and care for you to prepare for the big day. In addition, to make your wedding ring even more special you can record on the within this the date of this special day or the name of your partner.

Our alliances are characterized by being 18 carat gold, you can get them in yellow gold or in white gold, with brightness or in fact, the latter will always give you a more modern touch. Within the finishes and volumes that we have available in half a cane, round or with different widths, 2 or 3 mm.

How do alliances have to be?

Alliances have always been a symbol of union, love and commitment. They are round, since they have no beginning or end, they are a symbol of infinite love and respect. But how do wedding alliances have to be?

It is commonly said that alliances must follow the same design. In fact, it is recommended that both alliances be the same color or material. But without a doubt, it can have a detail that differentiates them size or width. But they do not always have to be the same, this decision will depend on the couple, so the best to look for among the tastes of both.

Gold wedding alliance types

How to choose wedding alliances?

Sometimes with all the preparations of the wedding the dress, the ceremony causes aside one of the most important decisions, the Rings. But, perhaps one of the most repeated questions is how to choose wedding alliances? Without a doubt, the choice of types of alliances can be a difficult task.
Therefore, we bring you some tricks that do not fail when it comes to your alliances.

1. Budget

Without a doubt, the most important factor. Selecting the maximum budget that we can invest in our alliances will help us in making this decision.
Prices can oscillate a lot, according to the material, its design. Therefore, marcate a budget that you can allow and allow you to get the wedding alliance with which you had always dreamed.

2. The type of alliance

As we have previously commented, there are many types of alliances. From the flat alliances to which they have different textures. Maybe seeing all the options that exist make you the most difficult decision, so, take your time!

3. Game wedding alliances or not?

Depending on the type of commitment ring you carry, you will look for one thing or another. In fact, normally general if your commitment ring is recharged, the best option is to look for a simpler wedding alliance than you never get tired.
Therefore, looking for a piece that fits both is possible. To do this, you just have to look for points in common, such as tone or design. But, do not have to go to match or equal, your alliances may be different and despite this they will not stop being special.

4. The design

With brightness, flat or relief? Test between the different types of marriage alliance to see which one that fits the most with you.
If you opt for any in detail it will have a differentiating element but perhaps it is not a piece to go to match. However, if you opt for a more classic you can go with it together. Whatever your decision, you will make the most successful decision.

5. The recording

Tradition says that the wedding date and your partner's name should be recorded in the wedding alliance, but it doesn't always have to be like that. You can innovate and record that affectionate nickname or perhaps what only you know.
Without a doubt, innovating can never be a bad idea. If you are a couple who likes to follow what is established, it is time to break the stereotypes recording that special message in your alliance.

6. Plan it with time

It is essential that you do not leave this decision for the last moment. Since it is a process that can be delayed more than the account. First you must establish how you would like it to be the alliance, then the search would begin and then once you have chosen the wedding ring the workshop would get to work to create the most special alliance.