Distintos tipos de pendientes: ¿cómo escoger el tuyo?

Different types of slopes: How to choose yours?

Earrings: The complement that cannot be missing in any of our looks or in our jeweler. Surely when choosing earrings, you have wondered too, what are the types of piercing in the ear that exist? And which of them are going to sit better? With the amount of styles and shapes it is difficult to choose, but today you will discover which is your ideal slope to all types of slopes that exist.

In fact, classify earrings It is not a simple task from its shape, size, closure, the area in which you can carry it can define it and even some characteristics such as stones, pearls or zirconits differentiate each piece.

The 7 types of slopes that you must know

Long, minis, Maxis There are many types of slopes for which you can opt and we know what is difficult indicated for you.

Ring slopes

It is a reality: ring slopes They have become an infallible and basic slope that cannot be missing. In fact, these types of slopes adapt to perfection to all types of faces and hairstyles. Without a doubt, opting for this type of earrings is a success more than insured.

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Long earrings

The long earrings They are the perfect complement when a special occasion approaches and even when we look for a more striking slope but to be able to look day by day in the most casual looks.

Among them, we can find slopes with a pendants, with pearls, with stones, with chains, balls, many options and we must confess that they favor especially square and oval faces but, without forgetting the round faces to which they manage to give an effect of elongated face.

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Pressure or button earrings

Without a doubt, button slopes are the most traditional, versatile, very combinal, it is impossible not to favor! These are usually characterized by their small size and allow them to be combined both in our first hole and its consequent.

Ear Cuff

Would you like to wear a slope without the need to perform a drilling in your ear? Now it is possible with EARCUFF, a slope with original or minimalist designs. This solution for your ears can look in the cartilage zone without going through any piercing study.

But when does Earchff favor you more? This option is ideal to wear one so as not to recharge your ears enough and above all, with collected or semi -grid to look.

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The climbing pending, Like the previous ones, they allow you to simulate the second pending lobe but without having any extra hole. These are characterized by being some more long earrings, but that do not hang but climb in your ear adapting to it.

Not to mention that they are a success when we want to dress our ear but it is too much on loaded.

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Ear Jacket

What are Ear Jacket earrings? They are the slopes composed of two pieces, a front part corresponding to the traditional slope and a rear that is behind it and fits perfectly.

If you are looking for original earrings and favor, the EAR Jackets are perfect thanks to their great versatility to be able to change the front slope for another slope and for its innovative design.


Finally, the piercings that unlike the slopes are perforations inside the ear which can go in the lobe or cartilage zone. But, What piercing can you do? You can opt for the area of ​​the lobe or the cartilage area, among the most prominent is the tragus, the Hélix, the second pending in lobe and the chonch. This guide we bring to you from telling me that you love me will help you choose your ideal piercing.

Types of piercing in the ear

Now that you know all possible slopes ... It is time to discover all the models in tell me, you will find the most original and design earrings, at the best price!

In addition, if you have served you all slope models you can't miss the Earrings that favor you more depending on the shape of your face.