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The resurgence of pearl jewels

It is a fact, pearl jewels have become one of the trends of summer. Although they are taken as a classic complement, the pearls season after season have reinvented themselves becoming the most desired complement. This sea treasure enhances our tan and manage to pay tribute to their name, and we cannot deny that they feel pearl.

But it is time to get out of that traditional classicism of pearls and discover the most groundbreaking pearl jewels. Who does not remember the typical pearl slopes? This season, the jewels have taken natural pearls as a complement with which to risk and hit.

So much so that we have not stopped listening to the phenomenon of "pearlcore" or madness for pearls. But do you really know what this phenomenon means?

What is Pearlcore?

He Pearlcore, that phenomenon that we do not stop talking and listening in all fashion media and this is not surprising. This concept has to do with madness for pearls.

This last season we have seen firsthand the rebirth and resurgence of pearls with uses that go far beyond jewelry.

The pearls during this 2022 have been seen in bags, jewelry, makeup and even embroidered in clothing that the catwalks and insiders, support it. Therefore, pearls have become the most desired element.

Without a doubt, there have been jewelry signatures like tell me you Love Me those that have reinvented this timeless classic in a trend piece.

Why should we bet on jewels with pearls?

Coco Chanel took the pearls like his amulet of good luck and although the pearls, they have always been labeled in a more classic and discreet style, this season we have been able to see firsthand how they have become a groundbreaking complement being the protagonists of the best looks

It is impossible to resist pearls, these manage to enhance our tan and are a complement that adapt to any look and styles through those more special or more casual.

These white spheres are a sea treasure: versatile and very elegant. Who has not had pending pearls? If you have banished this complement, it is time to recover them. Such is the obsession of this season for them. which has even been defined as "pearlcore".

In short, the time has come to get the pearls in light or adapt them to current trends. Don't you know where to find them? In tell me that you want me we have given tribute to "pearlcore" with an elegant collection while minimalist and with a lot of style, the Manila collectionAre you going to resist not falling into pearl jewels?

What are the jewels in trend?

Do you want to run away from classicpearl jewels? If you are looking for pearl jewels with a different, original touch and in a trend you cannot miss these jewels with pearls that you need to have in your jeweler yes or yes.

Jewels with pearls and personalized

A jewel with pearls that goes much further, these pieces join the infallible combination: pearls and medals. A jewel with which to wear in the latest fashion and in turn you can customize and make very yours. If you like the pieces with a special meaning, the Gargantilla Delhi Pearl It is made for you.

This jewel is ideal for your day -to -day looks or for those risky looks in which to opt for a fine and special piece.



The most elegant pearl option

Yes, pearls despite being a trend piece have not lost their elegance. Are you looking for a jewel with versatile pearls? The Gabrielle Collection It is made for you. A jewel with link chains from which a natural pearl falls, a jewel with a classic appearance while with a chic touch.

A piece designed to dress your outfits with a lot of style and give them that differentiating touch of pearls.



Jewelry with pearls in trend

Pearls, pearls and pearls ... Here we present the most "trendy" jewel. The Manila collection has become one of the most desired options of the Teporada. Composed of a collar, earrings and fine chain bracelet and small pearls with which to make your perfect mix & match.


Let's forget that idea that pearls are pure classicism! The jewels with pearls wear any look and provide the air that you want to give it, are you more of Streetstyle, Preppy, romantic, urban or casual? It doesn't matter! The pearls adapt to any style, time and taste, are you going to use your pearl jewels again or are you going to risk new purchases?