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What is Layering and how to carry it with style?

Combining jewelry and that is well is a simpler task of what it seems. This season one of the most booming trends is to mix all kinds of pieces and especially to mix several necklaces creating unique and personalized compositions. In fact, there is already a name for this, and it is ‘Layering’.

What is Layering and how to carry it with style?

As the name implies the meaning comes from the word in English 'Layer', which means 'layer'. Therefore, if the 'layering' in the fashion world refers to carrying several clothing or jewelry garments at the same time, forming layers, maintaining an order and thus highlighting and providing personality to a look, without breaking harmony or modifying The style to be screened with that outfit.

We give you some ideas on how to complete your look wearing your neck and neckline and use this new jewelry trend perfectly. Even if you think that this superposition of necklaces has nothing to do with excessive or vulgar saturation; On the contrary, it is synonymous with overwhelming distinction.

Give free rein to your imagination and combine your necklaces with these tips that will make you combine necklaces as if you were a professional stylist. If you have any type of doubt when knowing what the perfect number of necklaces would be to combine, this would be three to be able to play with the lengths.

Choker with pendants

The chouter or chokers glued to the neck are perfect to combine with more necklaces. Especially with those who carry a pendant to give different levels to our neckline. That is why it is advisable that the layers of necklaces go in ascending order, this will make an inverted pyramid effect that accentuates your facial features.

We suggest combinations with our Chaker Iria With any V -shaped chain such as Sunrise.

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A main collar and two secondary

If you have a more striking pendant, take advantage of it. Put it with a pair of finer chokers who define your personality and succeed wherever you go. Although one of the principles of layering is excess, it should not be seen that the collars sets that combine must express harmony, so it is recommended that they be of similar materials and styles.

A winning combination can be the Gargantilla Turin + Gargantilla Klimt + Sunrise Gargantilla

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Diversity of textures

Stones and sheets with recording is one of the most chosen and safe options will be your best ally to illuminate your face. A slight neckline, whether in the form of an oval or oval, fits perfect, and especially with monochromatic dresses or blouses, so it is advisable to avoid the prints, since they will make your necklaces be lost visually.

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Just our model New Delhi It is formed by two united chains that make this perfect combination power your look.

Full color

Not everything is gold and silver. Colored stones are a success insured in necklaces combinations. So we recommend you bet on several collars of different lengths that end in the form of ´V` and intermingle the color of the rhinestones with the gold or silver of the chains.

The Birthstone necklaces You can choose a stone of each color that will transmit different energies or represent those special people in your life.

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More is

You don't always have to be prudent. If your look is simple, choose to give that touch of personality to your neck with golden motifs and a maxi necklace combined with some other mini. You will raise your look to a higher level. In order not to make the look we would recommend the use of two necklaces at most.

Layering chains

Why combine necklaces?

The benefits of Jewelry Layering are many such as promoting your look, giving your touch of personality ... but the most prominent is that if you choose the right pieces and combine them rightly, it will also subtract age, because you will have a more youthful and fun look .

What to do so that the chains are not entangled when you use several necklaces?

The only thing we must do so that the chains of the different necklaces you combine are not entangled is to join them and give them two laps. That is, you have to hook the closure of one with the end of the other, place it around the neck and join the other two ends that have been free. This tip will allow you not to get tangled up and deteriorate your necklaces.