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The 7 jewelry trends for 2023

Already in some of the catwalks we have been able to see some of the aesthetics and key garments that will mark the guideline this autumn-winter 2023 as the futurism or the return of the 2000. But, what is there with the trends in jewelry 2023?

That the tendencies in jewelry for this autumn-winter 2023 do not catch you in surprise! We present the seven key pieces in jewelry for autumn winter 2023 that you should carry yes or yes, if you want to look at the latest fashion.

The 7 key pieces in jewelry trend 2023

Are you wondering what trends in accessories for women winter 2023 are going to be? We already know that 2022 was marked by the Fashion Chaker that the fashion prescribers confirm it being one of the influencers of 2022. Although other jewels will continue to steal some prominence.

Jewelry with pearls

He resurgence from pearls or pearlcore, is a reality. The pearls were already taken in 2022 but during the autumn-winter 2023 these will continue to reigns in all the looks. In jewelry, clothes and even in bags.

In telling that you love me we have recovered this traditional jewel making it a jewel in a trend and with a lot of style, with our Manila collection. Also our Gabrielle collection or Delhi Pearl They are an infallible option for all lovers of this trend.

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Piedras jewelry

Stones, but natural. These will not only contribute great is

Tilo, but give great meaning to your styles. Piedras jewelry that mixes several colors, of a single color, in maxi or mini slopes ...

Therefore, if you are looking for the most special stones, you will find 12 stones each corresponding to each month of birth, such as our Birthstone chip between them the sapphire, blue topaz, luna stone, ruby ​​or the pink opal.

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Maxi earrings

Already the Maxi pending o XXL earrings last year they positioned themselves as one of the main trends. One more season they are hollow, being one of the most desired 2023 jewelry trends.

Some of our favorite maxi earrings are inspired by our slopes Catalina, a porcelain camery on which bearded chains fall or for those who seek a slope of our slope Olive slopes, inspired by the leaves of an olive tree with three black Onix stones that mimic its fruit. .

Large rings

The rings, the complement that will not be able to miss this season. The tip to always go fashionable is to opt for XL rings or thick rings. If you want to join this trend, our Babylon ring You may like if you are looking for a timeless design. However, if you are hunting a large but more special ring, that is our bolborta ring.

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Charms and beads

We do not stop seeing jewels with a lot of beads or charms and they have become an essential. That experience of being able to design your own jewel to your liking is more than a plus.

In tell me that you love me you can customize your jewels by adding medals, initials, colored stones charms and even the most futuristic chars as with our The New Enterprise bracelet That you can customize to your liking.

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The bracelets already dressed their arms in ancient Egypt, however, this jewel is the most modern and current. If you are looking to adapt this fashion and accessories trend, we recommend our Hermes bracelet a piece in Martelé's finish.

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Chokers and Gargantillas

The accessory that excelled in the 90s, is also proclaimed more than 30 years later as an entire eminence. Already on the spring catwalks summer the great luxury firms such as Gucci or Balmain advanced this trend to which neither the influencers nor the fashion prescribers have been able to resist. He Choker 2022 fashion now will also be in 2023.

Without a doubt, the best thing about this trend is its versatility, there are thousands of designs and options allowing you to adapt it to your liking, rigid chaker, with glitters, extra large? It remains in your hand! In tell me that you love me we have already made a fan of this trend, what do you say about our Chaker Iria? A timeless basic that cannot be missing in any jeweler this season.

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Other jewels in autumn winter 2023

As we mentioned before, some of the trends for the next 2022-2023 season and that we can apply on jewelry focus on the futurism and fashion of the 2000s. In tell me that you love me we have already adapted these trends, we teach you how.


After the current panorama, many brands have taken refuge in futuristic aesthetics. Inspired by science fiction films in tell me that you want to rescue this trend with a collection that leads us to outer space, our New Enterprise collection.

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Jewels inspired by 2000

Everything comes back and the time has come for the 2000 to return. The return of the vintage implies one thing: chains and links, luckily we know a lot and you can find the jewel of links perfect for you.

For us a must that leads us directly to this decade is our collection Versailles, composed of a bracelet, a throat, a ring and some slopes with links.

Link jewelry the trend in jewelry 2023 | tell me you Love Me

What do you think of the 2023 jewelry trends? Now that you know all the trends that will mark the autumn-winter, it is time to bring out those hidden jewels in your jeweler or look for new ones in your favorite online jewelry store.