Tipos de piercing en la oreja

What are the types of piercing in the ear that exist?

Piercings, piercing and more piercings, yes, the current obsession in every ear focuses on them and it cannot be otherwise, they give any ear to any ear. In addition, they offer multiple styles, designs and types of holes. But are you wondering what are the Oreja piercing names?

It is a reality, we do not stop seeing in the streets like people look different types of earrings in their ear and surely you have come to think, I want to! Then, you realize that you do not know the name of the different holes and neither in which part of the ear each one is placed.

But if you are bored of the typical medicinal slope in telling me that you want to find our titanium piercings implantation in silver or anodized gold so that from the first moment you look like the most you wanted and adapts to your style.


The main types of ear piercing


If you are thinking of making a new piercing in your ear today the time has come to find the one you were looking for, we bring you the name of all the types of piercings in your ear that you can find so you can go to the studio and succeed in full. Here we leave you a small visual guide of each of the holes in the ear with their corresponding name:

Types of piercing in the ear

Lobe piercing

In the lobe is the typical and infallible first slope, being the most traditional. Without a doubt, these are the main earrings that we can find in the ears, allow any type of piece and closures. The hole is located in the softest area of ​​the ear so its healing process is much shorter and easier.

Lobe piercing | tell me you Love Me


Piercing in the upper lobe or upper lobe

There is a main difference between the lobe and the upper lobe, and the Piercing Upper Lobe It is the slope or the slopes that follow the first hole with the aim of being able to decorate the area even more, so the drilling is done a little above the previous hole without leaving the lobe. These piercing are located as one of the most demanded and is that they are an infallible for the decrease effect that we can achieve with the achievement of as many slopes as they think in your ear.

Upper lobe piercing | tell me you Love Me

Piercing tragus

One of the best known piercing is the so -called tragus, also very desired by the style it brings to every ear that looks, becoming a trend when drilling your ears. What is the tragus? It is an oval -shaped protuberance that is just in the cartilage area, specifically at the entrance of the ear. This type of piercing can be somewhat more painful because it is located in the cartilage, but for us it is worth looking at it thanks to the different types of slopes that give it that cool touch.

Piercing tragus | tell me you Love Me

Antitragus piercing

We have already explained where the tragus is located, but What is antitragus? The antitragus is that little cartilage that is just on the opposite side to the tragus. We warn that it is one of the most pain can cause drilling, but it is certainly one of the most original areas where to place your piercing.

Antitragus ear piercing

Piercing helix or cartilage

The Hélix piercing is in the cartilage zone, but this unlike the previous one is located in the middle-superior part located inside the outer fold of the ear. In case it was not enough how well it looks, as with the lobe, you can look at different heights, specifically one to three, so the most recommended are fine or hoop pending that combine with each other.

Piercing Hélix | tell me you Love Me

Piercing Forward Helix

One of the types of Hélix that sweeps the most is the Forward Helix, which unlike the previous one that is located in the upper exterior area of ​​the ear but remains equally flattering as the previous one. You can choose between an arito, a small piercing with zirconites or balls that never fails.

Piercing Forward Helix | tell me you Love Me

Piercing Scopha

The Piercing Scapha is located inside the inner area of ​​the ear, specifically in the highest area of ​​the ear, it is the perfect hole to wear piercing with shapes or bright to contribute a lot of style to your ear.

Piercing scpacha | tell me you Love Me

Piercing Rook

This piercing is right in the inner area of ​​the upper ear. But if you are looking for the most flattering piercing model for this hole, they are usually the finest and most small piercing and even those of ring are a resounding yes.

Piercing rook | tell me you Love Me

Piercing Conch

The Piercing Conch is also located in the inner cartilage area of ​​the ear but located in the most central area, just above the antitragus. In fact, a ring is usually placed that surrounds the outer area of ​​the ear or thread piercings that provide an elegant style.

Piercing conch | tell me you Love Me

Piercing Daith

In addition to the previous ones, if you are looking to risk a little more in your ear design you should know that there are other types of piercing, somewhat more different such as the Daith, located in the internal cartilage of the ear. Known as "the piercing of migraines" since healing properties are attributed to these headaches, it is a piercing that will provide a more original and different look.

Piercing Daith Oreja

How to know what kind of piercing is better in your ear?

Looking for perfect piercing may seem a complicated task, but from telling me that you love me we want to wear it very easy. Among the main factors that can affect are the size of the piece, other holes you have in your ear and even the thickness of your ear.

That is why in our Studios Piercing From Madrid you will receive the best advice and totally personalized so you can find the type of piercing that best suits your style and ideas.


Also, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. In addition, if this article you liked and you want to know more about our piercing studios and our earrings, you can discover everything here!