¿Conoces por qué está en tendencia el choker?

Do you know why Chaker is in trend?

It is no accident that fashion specialists, influencers and stylists agree to include in their looks the accessory that has marked a trend this season: the chaker. A type of rigid necklace that adjusts to the neck and that has become the object of desire for every lover of trends.

But what is the origin of the chaker? We tell you the story behind the rigid fashion collar and why it will be the essential jewel in your closet this new season and for all those that come.


What does the word chaker mean?


The term chaker comes from the English word Chokerwhich means suffocation or drowning, and that is why today we use this term to refer to the chokers that are adjusted to the neck. The origin of this rigid necklace dates back many years, which is why the chaker has evolved and have been granted different connotations and meanings throughout history.

History and origin of the chaker

In East Africa it is where the origin of the chaker is located. Masais tribes already used this complement hundreds of years ago. Both men and women carried this type of rigid chin and each of those necklaces acquired a different meaning according to the age and social status of the person who carried it.

The Chokers were considered for the ancient Egyptian civilization a protective object, a kind of amulet with powers that would take care of them both in life and death. If we advance a few hundred years in history, we find that in the sixteenth century Ana Bolena appears with a pearl choker with its initial pendant in one of its numerous portraits as a monarch of the United Kingdom. Two centuries later, women in France began to take these necklaces in tribute to the guillotined during the French Revolution.

The trend that marked the nineties

But if there was a key time for the Choker were the 90s. The alternative and casual style of that decade turned to this choking into a fundamental piece of style for all the teenagers who wanted to look like and imitate the look and the way of dressing of their singers and favorite actresses. Icons of the time ranging from Diana de Wales, passing through Britney Spears or Jennifer Aniston, all of them took the chaker to raise it to the category of iconic jewel that is today.


The chaker has returned to stay


As you could see, the Choker is a jewel capable of adapting to the trends season after season and supporting the passage of time. Choker is a versatile chin, which converts an apparently simple look into a sophisticated, sensual and femininity style that empowers all those who carry it. This rigid necklace fits any style and provides an extra personality, so much so that we can find them in multiple options: simple, Geometric, wide, smooth, double, flowers of flowers, fabric ...

 In tell me that you love me we have not been able Chaker Iria, a rigid chin glued to the double thread neck that you can choose both in gold and in silver, and whose timeless and minimalist design makes it an essential piece in all our jewelers. It is a choking that stylizes and makes our neck look more elongated. You can carry it as a unique piece for it to look for itself or combined with other necklaces of different lengths and styles, such as in our BAROS Pack, where you will find our golden chouter next to our Sunrise Gargantilla. But if you have doubts about how to combine our choker with other necklaces visit our post about Layering and how to combine your necklaces in style, where you will find advice on how to mix pendants and create your own looks.

Without a doubt it is a new must have In our jeweler and in our closet bottom, which converts any simple look into a breaking look. We are clear that the chaker will continue to be a star complement for a long time.