¿Cómo combinar anillos para un look perfecto?

How to combine rings for a perfect look?

When it comes to combining rings, getting the perfect look can become a quite complicated styling task. Too many mixed rings in the wrong way or carry very few and make our look lose strength. We already saw in our blog that he Layering helps us combine style necklaces, But a new technique to combine our jewels has landed: the Ring Stacking has arrived to help us get the best ring combinations and not die in the attempt.

What is ring stacking?

There are rings of all kinds: gold rings or silver, wide rings or fine rings… There are so many times that we may be difficult to choose only one or get the ideal combination. Ring Stacking is the technique that helps us look several rings at the same time and achieve the perfect look, combining pieces with different styles that adapt to your personality.

There is no manual that guides us when creating the perfect combination of rings, but the key is not to be afraid and dare to mix different types of rings being clear at all times what your personal style is. Golden rings with silver rings, minimalist rings with maxi rings. Everything is worth if you are faithful to your personality.

Next, we give you a few tips to enter the Ring Stacking And you can combine your rings as a true jewelry expert:

Follow your personal style

Combining rings is not a difficult task as long as you have your personal style very clear. Think about what look you identify more and make you feel more comfortable. We give you some keys:

Minimal look

Green Oliva RingEquis gold ring








If you like the simplest jewels, you will identify with the minimal style. Sober and fine rings such as our Equis ring, or rings with small stones such as the Green Olive Ring. We recommend you not use more than two rings in each hand, to achieve a more elegant and subtle effect. In our Bassa rings pack You can find the perfect pieces for your minimalist looks.

Elegant look

Flora ringGold Crown Ring








You like to mix the simple with an original touch, adding more special pieces to your look. The elegant style is yours. Mix a ring with greater volume and prominence, with more simple ones. We propose to complement the Flora ring, a ring made by hand and hand painted, with the Crown ring with a thinner line, to get an elegant look by adding a unique touch.

Classic look

Adrianne ringOlivia Lavender ring









For those who retain family jewels or unique pieces, with that classic and vintage touch that never goes out of style. If you prefer to combine your rings in a more classic way, opt for rings with circumlists like our Adrianne ring, with our Olivia Lavender ring to give it a more romantic touch. You will also discover in Our Loule pack The most classic cut rings to combine them as you want.

Bohemian look 


If you like to contribute an artisanal touch or Handmade To your looks and having jewels with meaning, the bohemian style is ideal for you. We recommend mixing rings such as the Hermes ring, with Martelé finish next to the Riga ring, mix them with other finer ones such as the Edith ring.


Dare to mix

Mix without fear and do not hesitate to dare to combine your rings, to help you complete your looks we encourage you to combine wide rings with simpler pieces to create a more balanced look, in tell me that you love me we propose Our Bolborta ring, with butterflies, to use it with other finer rings.


We all have in mind an unwritten rule that prevented us from combining gold rings with Silver rings, but today the trends and jewelry experts tell us otherwise. Lose the fear of mixing these metals, and dare with gold and silver. The trick is to separate them uniformly throughout your hand. To give coherence to the entire look, make sure that the rest of your jewels, such as your earrings or necklaces, also combine between them.

Arrixate also with rings of different shapes and styles. It combines smooth rings with flower -shaped rings, such as our succulent ring or our Babylon ring, a wide carved ring full of details that make it unique.

Babylon ringSucculent ring
Other aspects to consider when combining your rings in the most effective way can be the shape of your hands, the garments you carry, your skin tone, the color of your hair ... do not wait any longer to put these these Tips when mixing and combining your jewels, without forgetting that the essential key of a great look is to be sure of yourself.