Cómo limpiar joyas de plata y mantenerlas limpias más tiempo

How to clean silver jewels and keep them clean longer

Surely many of you have Silver jewelry that over time and use are darkened. Silver is a resistant and durable material, so your jewels can recover its brightness and original appearance following a cleaning routine. Know How to clean your silver jewels? In tell me that you love me we have made a care guide for your favorite jewels. Keep reading!


Why do silver jewels get black?


To be able to take care of our jewels we must know why the law of law acquires that dirty and oxidized aspect. In this case, the sterling sterling silver or silver is the result of an alloy of other metals that add to silver. In the law jewelry we usually find copper with 925 parts of silver in proportion. In this proportion of silver is the key that directly affects the quality of each jewel: the possibility of spoiling, which may or may not cause allergies or its brightness.


The reason why silver jewels get dirty is for A chemical process called sulfuration. Sulfuration occurs when the pieces come into contact with the hydrogen sulfide found in the air, producing silver sulfide and causing the jewel to get dark and change color.

exist certain factors that can accelerate this process Silver sulphuration:

  • The sweat
  • The sunlight
  • The pH of the skin itself
  • Broken or moisturizing creams
  • Cosmetic products, soaps or perfumes
  • Sea water or swimming pools (chlorine)

We cannot forget that the material that as the alloy with silver is decisive. For example, if your silver jewels have a greenish tone is because The alloy is made up of copper and silver.


Ways to clean money at home


Once we know the reason that causes these color changes in silver, we will proceed to explain the Different Silver Jewelry Cleaning Methods. The first step must be a series of precautions to secure cleanliness.

Be sure to do it in a clean and ventilated place, since we are going to manipulate chemicals or acids such as vinegar. Always use gloves, whether latex or nitrile, and always have a bowl with clean water, since in case we splash a product we can rinse. Now, we are already prepared to clean our jewels.


Bicarbonate and salt cleaning

To clean your silver jewels with bicarbonate You will need:

  • A bowl
  • Foil
  • An amount of water that can cover the jewels
  • Two tablespoons of bicarbonate or fine salt


First heat the water (you can do it in the microwave). While the water is heating, it covers the interior of the bowl with aluminum foil and part squares of aluminum foil of about 2 centimeters from approximately.

Once the water has boiled, Add the tablespoon of bicarbonate or fine salt and remove until it dissolves. Now, place the jewels you want to clean in the aluminum covered bowl and gradually throw the water with bicarbonate to cover and add the small paper cuts.

Let it rest for about 5 minutes and with the help of some tweezers, take out the jewels, rinse them and dry them. If, when doing the process, something dirty continues, repeat the process and leave them in the water a few more minutes.

Salt cleaning

For the second cleaning method you will need a bowl where you have to add three tablespoons of salt and a small amount of water. We mix everything well until you get pasta. Rub the jewels with that mixture, you can do it with the help of your fingers or with a toothbrush. Then clarify the jewels with water and dry them with a cloth. We also recommend doing this same process with bicarbonate instead of salt.


Cleaning with water and lemon juice


For this method add enough water in a saucepan to cover the jewels you want to clean and heat it with the jewels inside. Cut two lemons and squeeze the juice in a separate container. When the water begins to boil add the lemon juice little by little and remote it with a wooden object, since if you use a metal object you could spoil the jewels. Once the steps are completed, turn off the heat and let the jewels stand for ten minutes. Take your jewels out of the water, rinse them with plenty of water to cool and dry them.


Lemon and salt cleaning

Lemon and salt can serve us to clean our silver jewels. You just need squeeze half a lemon, throw a tablespoon of salt on the resulting juice and rub the jewels. Then clarify the pieces with water and dry them.

Ammonia cleaning

As we have recommended at the beginning, try to do this process in a well ventilated place. With a rag, Wet a corner with a few drops of ammonia and rub the jewels. Once you have the jewels clean, clean them with soap and water to eliminate the smell of ammonia. You can also do this process with Avarrás, but never mix the products.

How to keep silver jewels clean


As we have explained at the beginning of this blog, silver jewels go through a sulphuration or “oxidation” process that is a natural result of the use and passage of time, so surely Your jewels will "get dirty" again.

So that this process is extended as much as possible And they last clean for a long time we give you the following tips:


  • Save your jewelry in a jeweler And avoid leaving them in the air, since the oxidation process would be faster.
  • Try Do not wear your silver jewels put when you wash your hands or use products such as soap or detergent.
  • If your jewels begin to look dirty or black, Do not wait much to clean them. It is preferable to take their dirt frequently to let them oxidize for a long time. A quick solution is to clean them with toothpaste, you will see how silver recovers its original brightness.

We hope that With all these tips on how to clean your silver jewels you already know how to keep them and care for them. There are many other methods that can serve you to clean the money and that you can find on the Internet. Now you can put yourself without fear Your favorite silver earrings either That silver ring What do you like so much.

We do not want to leave without leaving here an explanatory video where Eva Verdeal, our CEO, will teach you how to carry out some of the silver cleaning processes that we have told you above. Don't lose detail!