Mañana de estilismo con Bárbara Crespo

Morning of styling with Bárbara Crespo

As you know many, my friend Bárbara Crespo collaborates with Tell me you Love Me. Last Friday I get with her to take something and give her an assignment ... and also with the excuse to ask for some counsel on styling, I don't know if you will know that Barbara apart from her blog, (( Bárbara Crespo's blog) Collaborations with different magazines and media, it is also personal Shoper, and of course it is always good to receive advice from a professional, what garments are going more with your style, colors, shapes, stores. We were so comfortable speaking that I spend time quickly, it is very easy for that to happen with Barbara, because it is a girl's charm, so I stayed at ten with her for breakfast and we ended at two in the afternoon. We went to a tea room on General Pardinas Street, Vailima, is a place of those with charm, which everything is super desirable and even the minimum detail is thought. Where can you have tea or buy it.

As you see we didn't put the boots. Bárbara tea, coffee for me and a piece of super juicy apple cake !! ñami, ñami.

We were so comfortable by chatting from everything, that my time was flying. And to go down such a succulent breakfast, we went for a walk. Oh! Oh! A super appealing store do we make the manicure?

You see tomorrow from relaxation, which occasionally needs to be disconnected from the routine and also the unbeatable company !! This is the pulserite that Bárbara was customized to his liking, from the fluorine collection.

 Kisses Eva