Mujeres Emprendedoras

Women Entrepreneurs

Albert Einstein, whom we all know apart from scientist, has a lot of philosopher. From him came phrases as these: Is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born. Is in the crisis where each one emerges, because without crisis every wind is caress Who overcomes the crisis He surpasses himself without being ‘surpassed’.

They are phrases, that for the time we live they go like a ring to the finger. I am not going to deceive you, because it would be lying. We are in crisis! You strive double and get half, but as hope is the last thing that is lost, here we continue at the foot of the cannon giving everything. For our company, for our dream and for our daily bread.

On October 6, Cheap & Chic's market took place in Madrid, aimed mainly at children, there was all clothes, shoes, toys, stories, towels, headbands, hatchs, etc. ... a lot of signatures, dismissing merchandise from previous seasons and offering news to very good prices. So the opportunity to go, and I did not think about it !! Not only for selling but to make me known.

One of the things that most caught my attention, was the number of people, in this case women, mothers almost all, who look for life, which by different circumstances assemble their small businesses. In those who put all their efforts and illusion in throwing pa'lante. There we spend two days side by side, and as the rubbing makes love, in the end you end up sharing a laugh and the most interesting conversations .... The Alejandra Liban. Mónica and Alejandra, sisters and entrepreneurs, capable of making authentic princesses of story with hair ties !! But not only do this, they sell lullables, towels, walking bag for the car, handmade newborn baskets, all with the most original fabrics brought from E.E.U.U. The best thing is that they also organize personalized compliance parties for our kids !! "Alejandra's party"

Patricia and Isa, friends from childhood, who after being mothers and tryingNanita Nana (of 0-8 years) and the truth is that they are not doing badly !! Also from today Tell me you Love Me It is also on its website offering other possibilities to newborn baskets, giving the possibility of giving a personalized bracelet to the newly released mom.

Alicia a Valencian, who threw himself into the world of design and the manufacture of children's clothing, in order to dress all the same and you never miss size. Apart from being all ideal, the good thing is that it makes it to measure, so you can choose on one side the model and on the other the fabric that you like the most !! Macali One of the things we characterize in entrepreneurs is that all help is little. So taking advantage of the circumstance, Alicia took her husband to the market. And the models their princesses, how cute !!

Who does not knowTrapitos ? A store of those of a lifetime, with more than 20 years of experience. Everything you need for your children have it here from cribs, walk chairs, custom paintings with the name of your child, toys, to clothes and shoes.

To Pilar owner of Trapitos He liked it tell me you Love Me As a complement to Mamis and Peques, you can already find our bracelets in its store of Don Ramón de la Cruz corner Nuñez de Balboa, in Madrid.

Trapitos in the market.

Silvia de "The lizard is crying" A brand that has become very fashionable for the ideal clothes that it has, for the prints and fabrics. Silvia was one of my big surprises, former companion of Cole, mother of four, the three -month -old boy ... and she there she was throughout the weekend. A fighter from head to toe and without losing his smile !!

As you saw I did not waste time, there were many people likeJaramaga A true artisan that makes monadas. Like this rack to save your tooth under the pillow.

Many more entrepreneurs.

So you see, a most interesting weekend. I hope you liked it.

Kisses and tell me that you love me.