¿Cómo saber cuál es tu talla de anillo? Guía de tallas

How to know your ring size? Size guide

You want to know What is your ring sizes? In tell me that you love me we love that the ring you choose fits perfectly and that you are not wrong in the stature of your ring. How to measure your finger to know what the size of your ring is?

Rings size guide to discover what your size is

Take a finger ring from which you want to buy the ring and with a rule measures the diameter as we indicated in the photo. Once you have the measure, compare the measure with the table and so you will know your ring size. If you have small fingers, your size is the XXS, in Spain it will be the equivalent of a size 8 and in the rest of Europe a 48 and in the US a size 4.5. Your diameter will be 15.5 mm. The XS size is the equivalent of a 10 in Spain, a 50 in Europe and is 16mm in diameter. A s will contribute its equivalent in a Spanish 12, a 52 in Europe and a diameter of 52mm. Size M is for middle fingers. It is equivalent to a 14 in Spain, a 54 in Europe and has a diameter of 54mm. The L is for larger fingers. It is equivalent to a size 16 in Spain, a 56 in Europe and has 56mm. Finally and the size for larger fingers is the XL. It is a size 18 in Spain and a 58 in Europe. It has 58m. If you have already chosen your ring size you have no excuse not to get some of our favorite rings.Flora ring. Choose, delicate, feminine and perfect to show it on a special occasion. Our most galactic ring, the Amidala ring He is willing to stay in the jewelry stores of all. Eden ring, inspired by the Adam's rib plant. The perfect ring for autumn, the Fall ring.